Video Marketing

Why Video Marketing is the Future of Inbound Promotion

The addition of video on a website’s landing page boosts conversions by about 80 percent, a Hubspot report suggests. What’s even more impressive, after watching a video clip, 64 percent of consumers are much more likely to buy a product.

These are just two of the statistics that prove video marketing could be the future of inbound campaigns. Since visual information is interpreted by the brain much faster than text and it often provokes an emotional response, the effectiveness of video-based campaigns happens to be incredibly high.

Gone are the days of traditional ads. Today, prospects want to get something valuable and entertaining from their interaction with companies. This is the main reason why 80 percent of internet users recall a video that they’ve watched online over the past 30 days and 75 percent of online video clip watchers have interacted with a promotional video.

There are several other reasons why video marketing is the future of online promotion. Suitable for both startups and large corporations, this form of advertising has a lot to bring to the table.

High Return on Investment

Some small companies worry about the introduction of online video to their marketing mix because they fear such clips are too expensive to make.

Video marketing, however, is one of the most cost-efficient strategies that bring an incredibly high return on investment (ROI).

In 2015, the ROI of video marketing surpassed everything achieved through the use of other campaigns. According to a ContentStandard survey, 52 percent of marketers across the world saw the highest ROI from a video-based campaign.

While ROI can be difficult to measure (depending on the aim of the campaign), video will still deliver. Online clips are relatively easy to produce and they result in an immediate bond with the respective audience. When a great concept fuels the creation of the clip itself, its chance of going viral increases exponentially. A video that reaches millions of people and remains popular for weeks and even months to come is obviously amazing in terms of getting results.

More Viewers

The above-mentioned viral potential of video is one of its most impressive benefits. Few text-based online campaigns can accomplish the same without demanding a much larger budget.

Over 100 million people watch online videos every single day. The average person spends 16 minutes and 49 seconds per month watching video ads, a comScore survey reveals. This period is huge in comparison to what other marketing strategies achieve.

Depending on the niche and the desired outcome (reaching new prospects, boosting overall brand awareness, introducing new product, maximizing sales, etc.), video can reach the biggest crowd on a limited budget. If it gets indexed well, the clip will continue attracting views for months and even years to come.

More views will not necessarily translate in a bigger number of sales but a larger audience will maximize brand recognition and enhance the online reputation of the company. These combined effects can potentially contribute to viewers eventually transforming into customers.

It Gives You Competitive Edge

Many small companies that try to make it in a highly competitive niche find it very difficult to get established. Larger players usually have much bigger marketing budgets and a large creative team behind every campaign.

Video advertising makes it possible for small businesses and startups to deal effectively with the competition.

Size doesn’t really matter in the world of establishing a solid online presence. It’s much more about creativity and finding the right target audience. Addressing the audience in the right way builds a relationship and establishes an emotional connection that’s the foundation of building a loyal clientele.

As already mentioned, effective videos don’t have to be expensive. Some viral content has been filmed with a phone. If the idea is good enough and it resonates with the crowd, the video will be watched. This is the main reason why guerrilla marketing has become so popular and why it’s managed to create a level playing field for all kinds of businesses.

It’s also great to point out that video marketing is evolving all the time. Live streaming, social media like Periscope and personalization opportunities can boost the ROI of such campaigns even further. As long as you’re willing to embrace innovation and experiment with inbound promotion, chances are that you’ll get the results that you’re hoping for.

Please note that Video Marketing goes quite well with all our other SEO services or just as a stand-alone lead gen technique!