Discover How To Rank Above Your Local Competitors

Why local SEO matters

Local SEO is the area where you start to become specific on which geographic location you are targeting to. It’s aimed at providing search results of the searcher’s current location.

You see if you were to search, “car wash places,” either on your mobile device or computer, Google will provide you with results that are closest to you.

You see local search results are what’s crucial to your clients and should be for you also.

Whenever a potential client pulls up a Google search result, you’ll often see a large section with a few listings of local businesses. It will often display the businesses’ phone number, website link, and a Google maps driving direction.

Some of these searches come from a desktop computer but most of the time it’s from mobile devices.

You see over the last few years, local SEO has grown significantly due to the rise of smartphone and tablet usage.

Mobile search has overtaken desktop search because 73% of consumers now access websites on their mobile devices. Google had even announced in April 2015 that any sites that weren’t mobile friendly would experience a SIGNIFICANT impact on their ranking.

Discover These Powerful Little-Known SEO Facts.

Now you may be confused about the whole SEO process in general and you may have little knowledge of terms like organic SEO, local SEO, and Google AdWords (pay per click advertising).

You may be thinking that you might need to invest more into Google PPC rather than organic SEO but I’d invite you to think again.

Google AdWords on average gets only 10-15% of the total clicks for any page.

Let us share with you an example:

If 1000 people per month type in a certain search term onto Google, typically only 100 of them will end up clicking on the ad. At the same time, that 100% of people who are paying for AdWords have to split the 10% that’s remaining for the page.

This means if you only rely on AdWords, you may only get 10-12 leads per month.

However, on the flip side, the number 1 organic listing SEO will get more clicks. More than 40% to be exact by using the same example above.

All these facts that you just read about were all released by Google themselves.

The conclusion? There is no comparison between AdWords and Organic SEO. Organic SEO wins every time!

Be Seen Locally, Get More Visible, Increase Your Revenue

By investing in our local SEO services, we will not only rank your business and give it tons of visibility, but also open your doors to a pool of new potential customers, allowing you to DOMINATE your local market.

And How Would We Do That??

Let’s step in the shoes of your potential customer for a minute.

Your potential customers relies on search engines to help them narrow their search terms and their wants and needs. Google and other search engines have even emphasized on bringing the most precision possible towards local search results.

However, user searches are actually becoming less precise as time goes on and they don’t even get the results that they initially searched for.

This is an issue because your potential customers don’t even get what they searched for in the first place and sometimes they’re left upset.

However, we have a solution!

With each client we work with, we build a personalised and detail-oriented strategy to help their local business and website stand out, outrank and dominate their competition.

Most of the time your potential customers add local geographic terms to their search terms. From that we help build your web presence which increases you becoming seen in local search results.