Rob Mc Donagh

Rob Mc Donagh

SEO Specialist & Consultant

I’m Rob Mc Donagh, Husband, Father of 5, SEO Specialist & Consultant, Entrepreneur and Amazon No.1 Best Selling Author.

Believe it or not but I am mainly very introverted. I love computers and anything to do with marketing and helping people, especially local businesses. There is nothing more satisfying to me than a satisfied client.

When it comes to business and utilising industry standard best practices, my main focus is getting your site found on Google for keywords that people like you and I are already searching for. There is no real secret to SEO, the most important part however is in the keyword research, because that is the foundation on where your whole campaign will be built on so to speak.

From there starts all the on-page and off-page optimisation, along with the other critically important components.

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Rob is one of the best SEO experts in the world. He is also fantastic to work with and he cares so much about his customers. I would definitely recommend him to do any SEO work or Online marketing. Rob has been trained by, and worked alongside some of the best in the industry, he gets results. You should just call him without any doubt.

Rob is a true SEO professional. He’s on top of his game when it comes to search engine optimization and knows exactly how to implement and execute a plan to take your business to Page 1 of Google, generating more revenue for your business online. You can feel at ease knowing Rob is on your side and will get the job done. I recommend you contact Rob for all your marketing needs.

Rob is a true professional and knows this stuff. He helped me tremendously on an SEO project I was working on. If you are considering Rob for his Internet Marketing skills rest assured you are talking to the right guy.

It has been nothing short of incredible teaming up with Rob on projects we have been able to work side by side on. He amazed me with the way he breaks down analytics and dissects a business, with a totally different perspective. He sees opportunity when others may overlook it. His SEO skills and knowledge are nothing short of top notch. Working with him and sharing the same mastermind group, I know and have seen his work in action. He is precise with everything he does and can rank among the best SEO’s out there. I highly recommend him. Contact Rob to help your business gain an edge over your competition.

Rob is a true professional when it comes to SEO and obtaining top rankings on Google. Rob is a trusted source among SEO experts, with his talent, skills and leading edge knowledge search engine optimization strategies that produce incredible results for any business wanting top rankings. Rob is easy to work with, dedicated and is committed to providing excellent service and result to his clients. I would highly recommend Rob for any business.

Rob is a grade-A expert at SEO and driving traffic. After working together with Rob, our clients sites and campaigns have gone through the roof – taking multiple first page and #1 rankings for a variety of different keywords. Would be honored to work with Rob again, and highly recommend him to anyone wanting to drive more traffic to their website. Thanks Rob!