Turn Your Website Into A Source Of Revenue

Why Having A Beautifully Designed Website Sets The Tone For The Customer Experience

You’ve probably heard of the famous saying, “first impressions are everything.” The same statement holds true to having a beautifully designed website because the look and feel of your website is your business’s first impression.

You see the good old days have passed where you could get by with having the simple website that just listed your services, lacked design, and structure.

A website like this probably rings a bell:

As you can see from this example there’s no section to find out more about the business, it’s poorly designed, and the general layout of the website is hard to read and navigate through.

Because of the rise of the digital era the amount of people viewing your website is increasing at a great rate.

And let’s face it, whenever a potential client comes onto your website you want that customer experience to be worth every second of their time.

If a prospect comes onto your website and it lacks design and structure, has a poor layout, is difficult to navigate through, and has poor compelling descriptions, within one minute they’ll exit your website.

Here’s another frightening example of having a poorly designed website.

If you’re a dentist and your prospect see’s you have a poorly designed website, you risk communicating to that prospect that you’re a cheap dental practice.

And I’m sure that isn’t what you want your prospects to think.

However on the flip side, if a potential prospect comes onto your website and it has an easy layout, has compelling descriptions, and is easy to navigate through and buy, within 2 minutes they’ll be your next profitable client.

And that’s our main focus with every client of ours. Getting you a functional and responsive website that does what you always want and think about on a consistent basis, GET YOU MORE CLIENTS!

Here’s Why Google Opinion Matters On Having A Responsive Website Design

Not only is a responsive website important for your prospects, but it’s also favoured by Google.

Google has recommended having responsive web designs due to the reason that it plays a significant role in search engine optimization and targeting mobile users.

However you may be thinking what is a responsive website.

It simply when a website’s pages reformat themselves depending on whatever device they are being viewed on. This makes sure that if the content is being viewed on a tablet, desktop computer, or a mobile device, the website will become user-friendly.

It’s also stated that having a responsive web design is the best option for because it makes it easier for the users to share, link, and interact with the content on your website.

We Create An Attractive And Responsive Website That Will Pull In More Clients Than You’ll Ever Imagine

Making a website that is easy to navigate around and which will sell better is our #1 priority with each of my clients.

After all you want your website to act as your “hub “ on the internet that talks about your business, lists your products or services, answers any objections for your prospects, and share testimonials from other clients.

Websites that are like that attract more clients and are even recommended by Google.

Website design is an important step in establishing your business as the authority figure in your industry. Website development is an essential element of any successful company and is critical in establishing your online presence.

If you’re interested in pursuing this type of design, then fill out the Discovery Form on the Discovery Page section. Or feel free to check out our other marketing services we offer to take your business to the next level!