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Anxious to know the answer to these four questions and more…I sure do hope so 😉

  • Who the hell is this guy?

  • What on Earth does SEO mean and how can it benefit me and my business?

  • Why do I need SEO and a Marketing strategy?

  • And even if I agree, why the heck should I invest in Marketing with Rob’s SEO Services?

ALL questions are very important.

But first, please take a look at this short personal video from Rob Mc Donagh himself, followed by a letter, also personally written by Rob for you.

Tip: it pays off to read until the end 😉

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A Confidential Letter to the Decision Maker of the Business —— from Rob, The Profit Producer

You may be waiting, just anticipating things you may never possess, but while you’re waiting, try a little success

Dear Eager Decision Maker,

In today’s world, everybody is out there to succeed in one way or another. Competition gets harder and harder to compete within your marketplace. You are at a loss, you’ve tried everything. You’ve pumped tons of time, energy and a hell of a lot of money into your business already. Business feels like an uphill struggle. Who do I listen to? Where do I turn? How do I turn this around? Sleepless nights creep in and fear riddles knockouts damage your business profits. And changes in today’s ever growing society play a dramatic and vital role for the success of your business.

A business owner like yourself puts heart into the idea of a thriving business regardless of the economy, the idea of a shiny and glorious future for your business looks at risk and most businesses today are on the verge of failing. I’d hate for that to happen to you.

You’re pre-occupied with work, probably overworked and cannot find the time to deal with the most important aspect of your business – the Marketing part. And aggravated with the daily operations, staff perhaps, you have to endure at your workplace. (90% of all businesses fail within the first year of doing business) and the No.1 reason for this is: Business owners did not spend enough time and effort into Marketing or come up with a successful profitable Marketing plan.

For you my friend, I’ve got a solution. How would you like to be the big fish in a small pond? With this letter, you are entitled to an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Marketing Campaign (and the bonuses that follow), overseen and executed with conviction within a couple of months by the brains behind the scenes, the official SEO geezer, Rob Mc Donagh himself (me).

But first, please allow me to explain something to you. You see, there are three parts to running a successful business (Production, Marketing, and Operations). Did you know that most business owners spend most of their valuable, irreplaceable time on the wrong parts? Production (producing something or services) and Operations (daily stuff like admin etc). Whereas Marketing is the difference of your business thriving or dying. Your focus must be on Marketing. At least 60% in fact.

Now, let me introduce you to organic SEO and its benefits it will have for your business or if you prefer, you can also watch Rob’s video explaining SEO in full detail and plain English, not the complex Marketing geezer type language nobody understands!

Did you like the video? Did it help a little? Good! You see, simply put SEO means Search Engine Optimization. And if I were to tell you that having an SEO campaign for your business could quite be the saving factor for you? Would you believe it? Would you take my word for it? Of course, you wouldn’t! Why should you! I mean, come on, you don’t know me, you don’t know SEO. And you’ve never reaped the benefits…..more customers/clients and revenue for you.

Ah but my friend, as in life, as in a marriage, as in team sport, as in a kidney transplant, as in a knee operation, trust is needed. If there is no trust, then there is nothing to build on. Catch my drift?

And as with partnerships in anything, we need trust and we need to take a leap in faith. With SEO, it is no different. It takes time, it takes skill, it takes energy, it takes money, it takes resources, yes, it also takes calculation, when to make the right move and when to sit tight.

But I’ve no time you may say, I want to see results today, now, yesterday. Of course you do. But in the real world, that is not how it works. Please allow me to explain:

We are using a search engine called Google to bring to your tons of new customers (we call this traffic), and to get your phone ringing off the hook. We want Google to be our friend. We want Google to like us and to trust us. But we cannot force Google to like us. And to do this, as with any relationship, this takes time. You do not go out on your first date and ask the beautiful lady to marry you, do you! She would run a mile or think some strange things about you perhaps!

There will be a time lapse before your results start to show. This is very normal but not wasted time. And this is how Google works…all businesses have constraints…if you get a hip replacement you won’t be walking right for months…if you buy credit repair, it will take months for your score to change….if I’m having a whole new bathroom installed, 7-10 days before I see the end result. Olympians train for FOUR YEARS to compete, then if they win, they get the medal. That’s the end result but it was the journey (training) that got them there.

And let me explain further: whatever a person wants to achieve, it takes time and effort whether it be business or otherwise. It is like getting in shape – if you want to run a marathon you first have to train and the results are already happening, you just can’t see them yet. And that is the same with SEO. It is no different. There is nothing done in vain.

I will be building your brand, I will be building your trust up with Google, I will be setting up a solid foundation, I will be analysing your website inside out and upside down. I will be building citations, but not just any, ones with your niche and location relevancy, I will be doing a press release, building authority links to your site – career related ones and more, 100’s of social profiles, optimizing all your site, all your content, your profiles, getting reviews for your business, geo-related images, videos created and ranked, high domain authority backlinks and tons more.

This stuff is not even taught in Harvard Uni! Now, that I’ve bored you to death with the ins and outs of SEO, you are thinking…..the benefits for me….show me my end result… me the money! I got you. Read on my friend.

Let me share with you your ROI in plain and simple maths. I’ve also shared this maths a little further down the page, but I decided to share it here also.

Easy Maths:

Let’s say every new customer/client you get is worth an extra €100 per month. We call this the lifetime value of the client.

And there are 1000 searches per month for your product/services.

When your business is on page 1 of Google, and in one of the top 3 spots when they search, this will mean you will get roughly 60% of all those searches. 60% of 1000 = 600 people clicking on YOUR site. With me so far?

So, if 600 EXTRA people are now clicking on your site, and let’s say (be modest), you only close/convert 20% of them into customers, that would still give you an extra 120 customers/clients PER MONTH. Because 20% of 600 is 120.

Now, here’s the fun part! You excited yet? You should be…!

120 new customers per month at €100 each = €12,000 per month more revenue for you and your business. That’s right, please reread that last sentence!

Do you see how much YOUR business is LOSING each and every month, and worse, to your competitor, by not having a Marketing/SEO Campaign? So now do you see the importance of SEO, or better still a Marketing campaign. This is the difference between your business thriving or dying.

Unfortunately, some business owners do not take my advice or they come back to me when it’s already too late. And then they’re out of business. I’d hate for the same thing to happen to you my friend.

Now, imagine the look on your competitors face when you drive by in your brand new car and they are scratching their heads. Now you know that without a successful SEO campaign, your business is losing a lot of money and worst of all, to your competition. Nothing worse than looking in your wife’s face saying ‘’Honey, we won’t be taking that trip to Spain this year’’. Or, ‘’sorry kids, I just can’t afford to get you those trousers I’ve promised you’’. Trust me, I know too much what that’s like. I’m a father of 5 and I’ve had to say that for years before I found out the power of Marketing, I’d hate for you to feel the same.

Instead of keeping your business barely glued together without a Marketing plan, coupled with an uncertainty that surrounds your business from striving, why not take that fear away today and relish in pride and pleasure knowing that having a Marketing campaign with Rob’s SEO Services that works, is the key to your success.

There is one little catch, though. The minimum standard monthly retainer I charge for any SEO campaign regardless of the niche or location is €3,000 per month, that’s only my starting point. And the campaign must last between 7-10 months or we don’t do business together. That’s €21,000 – €30,000 on average for one campaign.

And we can unfortunately only accommodate the first 100 potential clients that fill out our Discovery Form or sign up immediately through one of the payment links below.

And in return, your business will be dominating Google, outranking your competition, getting tons of traffic, and tons of new customers/clients contacting you to do business with you, like never before, each and every month. Good or Great!

BUT, if you take action today, I will reduce this significantly, to only a one-time payment of €10,000, that’s correct, for only a ONE TIME PAYMENT OF €10,000, I will get your revenue soaring high. That’s a minimum savings of €11,000 to €20,000!

And for this payment, I will start and not cease your SEO campaign until I have taken your business from where it is now, to page one of Google for your trophy keyword! Good or great?!

Sit on what I just offered you for a second, all that savings. And on top of all that, just imagine your marketing campaign finally taking care. No hidden monthly fees. No need to set up and send recurring payments. No more worries about how to get new customers month in and month. No headaches. More time with your wife or spouse. More time with the kids or with the lads in the pub, whichever you prefer ;-). Play golf or go on a worry, headache free holiday. Choice is yours!

After my offer expires, there will be at least a 4 month waiting list before we make this offer available again, if we make it again AND the price goes back up. It is my sincere wish for you and very important to fill out our Discovery Form or sign up immediately today to start your campaign by clicking on any of the links below.

Why am I doing this? It is my way of paying it forward. As I’ve mentioned in my video, I’ve seen and lived both sides of the coin and I’ve made it my mission to help as many people as I possibly can before I leave this planet. And I consider it my duty, my dharma to help others when I’ve been so blessed, to be able to help through my SEO skills and Marketing expertise.

Ask for me, Rob, 9am to 6pm PST, Mon to Fri. See me and set up your SEO campaign personally. I’m the handsome looking Irishman in the leprechaun costume, awaiting your command to taking your business to top spot in Google.


p.s Don’t delay! Take action today for your one-time payment of €10,000. If you wish, you can skip the Discovery Form part until later and pay in advance through PayPal, Cheque, Credit Card, Bank Transfer, or by the good old fashioned way, by Cash. First come, first served. Once 100 spaces are filled, we pull the plug until at least 4 months from now.

>>I’ve Read Enough! I Want In Now!<<

Are you still reading? Hesitant? Worried about making the right decision? I get it. Worried or concerned about putting your business in my capable hands? Or about the costs? Like I said, I get it, I understand you.

I, myself had to make some crucial decisions. Some turned out well. Some were a disaster. I know too damn well what it’s like to be in your shoes. And I can relate to you. So, here’s what I’m going to do for you.

I love to help businesses like you and I love it, even more, to Pay It Forward. So, here’s an idea. It’s a win-win-win for all of us.

Fill out the Discovery Form today, and get 3 of your friends to come on board and sign up for a minimum of €2,000 per month SEO (that’s a savings of €1,000 per month for them) and I’ll do SEO for your business for FREE for the first THREE months. That’s right. FREE for the first three months of your campaign, no questions asked. And I’ll throw in a 7-day money back guarantee. So, all the risk is now on me. Plus, you’ll get all of the bonuses mentioned below.

More excited now?! I look forward to working with you!

See, it pays to read until the end ;-)!


  • PDF of my #1 Amazon Best Seller with Joe Vitale (star of The Movie The Secret)
  • PDF of my SEO ebook
  • Complete and in-depth video analysis of your website
  • Ask 3 SEO/Marketing questions by email and get them personally answered by me (Rob) within 72hrs
  • 7-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • And one more surprise bonus once inside!

Well, what are you waiting for?! Sign up today or fill out our Discovery Form. The risk is all on me! See you on the inside.


I’m Rob Mc Donagh, SEO Specialist & Marketing Consultant, Entrepreneur, Husband, Father of 5, and Two Times Amazon No.1 Best Selling Author.

Simply put, my life was not always easy. Been brought up the youngest of 4, in an impoverished environment, I have seen poor through the eye of an eagle. I have witnessed first-hand, what the lack of money does to a family. It’s not a pretty sight. When a boy has to witness on a daily basis, arguments and the negativity that surrounds the lack of money, it leaves scars. It makes you feel like you do not belong, you do not deserve, you are worthless, money is hard to come by, and it’s only for the rich. Wrong!

I wondered, as a deep thinker I was back then, and still am today, what it would be like to have money, lots of money. I visualised it daily, I ‘’wished’’ for it daily, but as I learned the hard way, ‘’wishing’’ will not bring money closer to you. I wanted money, but as I grew older, I realised, I wanted money for the wrong reasons, although in a child eye, it was for the right reasons of course.

For me, it was to buy happiness, to stop seeing my parents fight and cry about money day in and day out, to eat good nourished food, to be able to at least pay for food, to pay for swimming lessons so I could join the rest of my school class, to have a decent hurley, and the list goes on.

So, as I was growing older and getting more depressed, sad, angry, frustrated about my life, the worse my life got. I got stomach ulcers, my father commit suicide when I was 18yrs old, my mother died not long after him (I was 23), drank quite consistently, went through torture for a good number of years, mostly self-inflicted of course.

So, fast forward to a good few years ago, still had the same ‘’wishes’’ about money, but was still dead broke! Why? Why? Why? I couldn’t find the answer. I had tried everything, books, self-healing, counselling, online courses; network marketing, real estate, stocks, gold and silver, coaching, and a ton more stuff. Hung around with a different class of people, ALL making a TON of money in the same arena as I was in, but me, Rob, was still broke!

Then I got the realisation that I had made money my enemy, I was pushing it away from me. I had held money as the BLAME for my crappy childhood and early adulthood. I was very angry that money only went to certain people and not to me (a false belief system). But I was wrong, it was trying to come to me but I had underlining subconscious thoughts that were keeping me broke and poor.

And I never knew there was a ‘’secret’’ to creating wealth, like a short cut if you will. And it is very simply this: ‘’Money is a by-product of value creation’’. That’s it! I had always gone after the money. That’s where I went wrong. It will never come that way.

So, I changed my thinking habits, worked harder on myself, my money blueprint and my success blueprint. Light bulbs started to go off. But then, I had another problem. I have no qualifications (which most millionaires/entrepreneurs don’t), I don’t have any value to offer, who am I, this poor kid, I’ve nothing to offer and even if I did, who would listen to me? Those were my counter-productive thoughts……that kept me in fear for YEARS!!!

So, I tried a few different arenas to see where I could create value and make some money. 1000’s of euro later and a few years later, still nothing! I was always coming up short.

Rob Mc Donagh

Rob Mc Donagh

Founder & CEO

But then, I got another light bulb situation. I kept asking myself this: If money is a by-product of value creation, then why am I broke, I’m trying to create value and help others. Yes, I was on the right track but facing the wrong way, meaning, money is a by-product of value creation, BUT I was not following my passion, I was just trying to find something to help others regardless of what it was. But, of course it would not come like that.

So, once I found my way of giving back through my passion, things began to change! And yes, you’ve guessed it, my passion is Marketing. As with the skill of Marketing, I can help literally thousands of people, just like you to become wealthy and successful, and as a by-product, I would automatically become wealthy and successful too. Talk about a win-win.

So, it’s my way of giving back to the community. I’ve learned the skill of Marketing through many years of trials and errors, ups and downs and through sheer determination. And I’ve seen the rewards first hand.

There is nothing, I repeat, NOTHING, that satisfies me more, when a client, who was either close to broke or had maybe a few months in their business to turn things around, stressed and losing sleep, to being able to pay their bills, go on holidays, spend time with their loved ones, upgrade their car etc, all because of the power of Marketing.

But also, because of what I had witnessed as a child. I swore, I would do whatever it took to help others in any way I could. And with that my friend, that is why I love to do what I do.

I become, I guess I can say, emotionally attached to the people that come into my life for help. They are not just a number in my eyes. I take my task of helping turn their fortunes around very personally and deeply. It is no laughing matter when money goes scarce, can’t treat your kids, bills can’t be paid and your spouse in down your throat. Trust me, I know this feeling, I’ve had it for most of my life, and now, been a husband and father of 5, it hurts, even more, to see anymore in that situation, especially if they’ve got any kind of responsibilities. I get it.

There is enough for everyone and it is now your turn to grab your piece of the pie. There is no reward in thinking otherwise. As a Catholic, I was brought up to believe that crap. It’s almost like it’s virtuous in being poor in our society. Don’t be that person.

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to introduce myself and to give you a bit of my background. Hopefully,  you feel you know me a little better by now. And also for allowing me to share the reason as to why I’m in the Marketing arena….the business of helping others.

Ready to do business with me? But not sure you qualify? Contact me today to see if we’re a good fit. Look forward to hearing from you.

I can be contacted through my email:, or by phone: (061) 749 020 or through the contact form on my website. Due to the busy nature of my schedule, please allow up to 48hrs for a response. And be rest assured, I will get back to you.

To Your Success,

Rob Mc Donagh


I’ve covered this in depth in my letter to you and also in our FAQ section at the end of the page. Please watch this 40-second video. It explains SEO and Website Optimization and all that it does for your business.

Most people don’t realize the most important business tool they can have in their toolkit, to gain more profits and separate them from their competitors, boils down to one word…..drum roll, please……Marketing. Marketing is the No.1 difference of your business thriving or dying. And unfortunately, most businesses (90%), spend most of their time, money and effort in the productions and operations part of the business. True or true?

This is what we would call the front end of your business. This is NOT where your focus should be and this is certainly NOT where you are going to become rich and profitable. At least 60% of your focus should be on the Marketing side your business and building campaigns and systems (the bank end of your business).

Funny enough, it sounds logical BUT why is it most people don’t do it?! More importantly, why are you not doing it? If you are not utilizing the power of Marketing at all or only here and there, then my friend you are only barely surviving and almost broke, if not broke already. BUT hopefully, that will change today.

We at Rob’s SEO Services specialize in a very profitable and underutilized form of Marketing called SEO. SEO Stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is one of the most effective, yet misunderstood forms of Marketing on the planet today. They do not even teach this at Harvard University!

Please watch this 40-second video that explains SEO in easy plain English.

We generate MASSIVE revenue for our clients and we would like the chance to do the same for YOU. We are the only company, I repeat, the ONLY company that offers to rank your site for a one-time payment, give a 7 day no questions asked refund guarantee, along with some very rewarding bonuses. Think about that for a second. The risk is on me!

Imagine, a few months from now, the look on your competitors face when they stare at you driving by in your brand new car OR when they realize that you’re expanding your business, your revenue has soared, the phone is off the hook, your name is buzzing around the town as the hottest new business in town, AND you’ve more time off for holidays with your loved ones!

Spend 5mins filling out our Discovery Form or register immediately to book your spot, to find out what makes us different from all those other ”Marketing Gurus” and start increasing your customer base. You may even need to hire an assistant to help you count your profits! It WILL be the BEST business decision you’ve made in a long time.


Because without it, you’re doomed. Your business is at risk. Why not separate yourself from the cowboys?!

As Howard Ruff (Financial Adviser and Best Selling Author) once said;

’If I could teach my children only one thing, it would be the skill of Marketing. For with that skill, they could be successful at anything they chose for the rest of their lives.’’

Now, Howard Ruff also just happened to be one of the richest men on the planet at one stage. I think you’d agree that Howard knows a thing or two in the field of business.

Please watch this 60-second Video explaining the HUGE benefits of SEO will bring to your business.

If your business is suffering, then at least 60% of your time, effort and energy should be focused on Marketing. Like I’ve shared with you before, with SEO, your business does not have to suffer any longer.

If the competition is affecting you, if you have little to no clients, if you feel stuck, if you’ve tried everything, if you’re close to giving up, then what have you got to lose? You can only go one way..and that’s UP! Partnering with Rob (Rob’s SEO Services) is undoubtedly a positive step in the right direction.


100% Money Back Guarantee –

Rob’s SEO Services are offering a 7-day, super easy money back guarantee. BUT only if you take action before the clock runs out.

If you aren’t completely blown away with your ROI and estimated ranking timeframe, we will refund you every penny, no questions asked.


Apart from the fact that Rob has been trained and taught by the top Marketers in the USA whose clients are some of the top leaders in our world today, like: Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor and Tai Lopez to name a few.

Rob also have the backup and resources of literally 100’s of sought after Marketing geniuses, all of which hold TOP spots in seriously competitive cities like Chicago, New York, St.Louis, New Orleans and hold top spots for 1000’s of keywords. We’ve got what it takes, and more, to outrank and crush any of your competition, period. We’ve generated a ton load of revenue for our clients and we are up to speed with Google’s ever changing algorithm.

As we touched on already, with SEO and our Marketing expertise, we will take your business from where it is now, to a thriving profitable business within 8 months or less. We are the FASTEST growing SEO Company in Ireland and once we show you your ROI, you will realize that your investment is a no-brainer.

We are also the only Digital Marketing Company that offers SEO for a one-time payment AND continue your campaign until we have your site ranked. If for any reason we do NOT rank you in any of the top 3 positions within the first 8 months of your campaign, like I said, we will continue your campaign at no extra cost to you until we get you ranked. Fair or Fair?

We think it’s fair to say, we know a thing or two about SEO, and you are in safe hands with Rob’s SEO Services!

Added *FREE* BONUSES, if you act fast: 

Also, if you respond before the clock runs out on this irresistible no-brainer invite, we will send you the first of your FREE added bonuses within 48hrs, a complete VIDEO analysis of your website, normally priced at €145, along with 3 other bonuses and 1 surprise bonus on the inside.

This video will come from Rob personally and will give you an in-depth diagnosis of YOUR site. With this info, you will have a clear understanding and direction of the next steps to turning your business around, with tons of traffic (customers/clients to your site) and more profits.

We will also be sending you a PDF of Rob’s Best Selling book – The Prosperity Factor – which he co-authored with Dr. Joe Vitale (Star of The Movie The Secret), how about that?! Plus, Rob’s personally written SEO eBook that will blow your socks off.

But you have to take action because after the clock runs out, the price will go back to its originality of €3,000 per month.

Another Example of your ROI (Return On Investment):

Very EASY Maths using very modest figures for demonstration:

Let’s say every new customer/client you get is worth an extra €200 per month. We call this the lifetime value of the client.

And there are only 300 searches per month for your product/services.

If you are No.1 in Google when they search, this will mean you will get roughly 60% of all those searches. 60% of 300 = 180 people clicking on YOUR site. With me so far?

So if 180 EXTRA people are now clicking on your site, and let’s say (be modest), you only close/convert 20% of them into customers, that would still give you an extra 36 customers/clients PER MONTH. Because 20% of 180 is 36.

Now, here’s the fun part! You excited yet? You should be…!

36 new customers per month at €200 each = €7,200 per month more revenue for you and your business. That’s right, please reread that last sentence! 

Do you see how much YOUR business is LOSING each and every month by NOT having a Marketing/SEO Campaign? So now do you see the importance of SEO, or better still a Marketing campaign. As I said before and would really like to emphasize, this is the difference between your business thriving or dying.

I would be honoured if you would take the leap of faith with me, and let me generate some revenue for you, like I’ve done for so many of my clients that came before you. There’s no time like the present time for your business to skyrocket, and the internet is the place to make it happen. We are in an era, that after it passes, will unlikely return for a very long time.

Still unsure? Please watch this 90-second Video.

Get Results with the Number One SEO Agency In Ireland




    If your Business is found on Google, you’re either out of business or soon to be out of business. Period.


    Increased rankings, more revenue for you.


    Super high ROI, lasting results.


    Your domain and brand everywhere in Google.


    Shown in great detail and simply explained.


    Easy to navigate regardless of the device being used, let that be iPhone, Samsung etc.


    No.1 to No.3 spots inevitable for your profits to soar.

  • Mobile Friendly Website

    73% go online through their mobile devices, also a very important ranking factor.

  • More Customers for Your Database

    Watch those phone calls and emails hop in your door.

  • Your Competitors Are Doing It

    If they’re doing it, you need to also. No exceptions.


    The money is in the traffic. But first your site needs to be found.


    Crush your competition and be the ”go to” business in your area.

  • PROVEN Higher ROI than Facebook & PPC ADS

    Google released these facts: Organic SEO gets TONS more traffic than any sort of PPC.

  • SEO Works, It Still Works, It Has Always Worked and Will Always Continue to Work…Period

    And that’s just a fact. We see it each and every day. No Marketing – No Business.

When You Partner Up With Rob’s SEO Services Today, You’ll Also Receive:

  • Social Fortress set up so your brand will dominate Google

  • Profitable Trophy Keywords and Bonus Related Keywords

  • Authority Inbound and Outbound Links

  • Local Rankings on Page 1 of Google

  • 5 Star Reviews for your Business

  • On-Page SEO Complete

  • Off-Page SEO Complete

  • Weekly Reports

  • Your Business Citations, Listings and Directories all set up and Optimized

  • Diversified high Domain Authority Safe Back Linking

  • Real Traffic by Real Humans (not bots)

  • Video Created and Ranked

  • Done for you Press Release

  • No Long Term Contract

  • 7-day Money back guarantee

  • And much, MUCH more...


100% Money Back Guarantee –

Rob’s SEO Services are offering a 7-day, super easy money back guarantee. BUT only if you take action before the clock runs out.

If you aren’t completely blown away with your ROI and estimated ranking timeframe, we will refund you every penny, no questions asked.

Here’s What Some Of Our Happy Clients Are Saying About Partnering With Us

Rob drove incredible revenue improvements for my practice – and I highly recommend him for any business owner needing the same. Even in the competitive field of dentistry, Rob stood out as an expert and knew exactly what to do. He delivers as promised!

Rob is a true SEO professional. He’s on top of his game when it comes to search engine optimization and knows exactly how to implement and execute a plan to take your business to Page 1 of Google, generating more revenue for your business online. You can feel at ease knowing Rob is on your side and will get the job done. I recommend you contact Rob for all your marketing needs.

Rob is a true professional and knows this stuff. He helped me tremendously on an SEO project I was working on. If you are considering Rob for his Internet Marketing skills rest assured you are talking to the right guy.

Rob is one of the best SEO experts in the world. He is also fantastic to work with and he cares so much about his customers. I would definitely recommend him to do any SEO work or Online marketing. Rob has been trained by, and worked alongside some of the best in the industry, he gets results. You should just call him without any doubt.

I’ve worked with lots of people in my career and this is the first time I’ve had someone working with me that was so responsive and thorough. It was refreshing! I really appreciate Rob’s ability to put a nice pleasant spin on everything. He is very professional and reliable.

Rob is amazing at SEO, and it’s not because we have the same awesome name. I had the chance to work with him for different SEO projects and he really knew his stuff when it came to being on the first page. His attention to detail, communication, and effectiveness are really unmatched in his field and it really shows in how happy his clients are. I fully recommend him for his SEO services.

Still Have Questions?

See below For Answers To Our Most Common Questions

Q1: What is the purpose of The Discovery Form?

A: Imagine you going to the Doctors with an illness. Before the Doctor can prescribe you any medication, he must first perform a full check up on you. Agree? The Doctor would need the full overall picture and facts before he could prescribe any medicine (cure). The Discovery Form works in a similar way. We need the full overall picture and diagnosis of your website before we can determine what would be the best way forward. This information is vital. Once we gather all the necessary information, we can inform you of a more definite approach to your campaign, a monthly cost to get you there, an estimated timeframe and of course your ROI!

Please Note: While filling out the Discovery Form will ensure a personal response from Rob himself or one of the team, it does guarantee your spot. We cannot guarantee to work with any business until we’ve all the necessary information gathered. Once, the info is gathered, and we have gone through it thoroughly, we may still decide that we are not a good fit.

Q2: How Come You Can’t Give Me A Price Upfront?

A: Very good question. This is not possible for a full-blown SEO campaign. But today, for a very limited time, I just did! It ties into Question 1, which is, we need to gather all the important pieces of the puzzle first before we can give you an exact, in detail monthly price. We do this by checking many aspects of your websites current situation. For example: all on-page aspects, all off-page aspects, your content for duplicates, your social profiles, manual penalties, citations for relevancy, page authority, domain authority, citation flow, trust flow, location and niche relevancy, responsiveness, mobile friendliness, page speed, your backlinks, if you’re being spammed….the list goes on and on. Once, and only once this diagnosis is fully complete, then, and only then, can we give you a price. This is the only way we can come up with a price that is completely accurate and fair from both sides. Good or good?

So what are you waiting for?! Fill out our Discovery Form today, and be on your way to increasing your monthly profits.

Q3: Can You Give Me A Price For A NON FULL SEO Campaign?

A: YES! Absolutely! We can give an immediate price upfront for website creation and design, setting up company social profiles (EG: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube Channel, Pinterest), social media management, video creation and marketing, content marketing, special link placements (, etc). For pricing on any of the above, send us an email at OR go to our contact page and one of the team will get back to you within 24hrs.

Rob personally offers:
One to One Marketing Consulting at $1k per hour
SEO Consulting at $450 per hour
Copywriting starting at $1500 per hour or fixed price

Q4: How Long Does It Take Before I Notice Results? My Investment Paying Off?

A: Another good question! This once again ties in with Q1 and Q2. The short answer to this is: as soon as we get you ranked on page 1 of Google for your main keyword. The longer answer is: depends on your location, your competitors, the niche you are in, if your site is old or brand new, if there are any manual penalties, if the audit we do on your site shows up clean or if there’s some cleanup to do first before we start your campaign, if you’ve any duplicate citations (business listings) – VERY harmful, if the links already coming to your site are of any quality or just spammy, the difficulty of the keyword we’ll be going after, the time, energy and resources needed to get you ranked, and the list goes on BUT anywhere between 7-9 months is quite common taking everything above into consideration. If all the above are more aggressive (highly competitive), it could be longer 9up to 1yr).

There is really no one glove to fit all answer. You (the client), will know your investment, the timeframe and get the whole run down BEFORE we agree to anything and go ahead with your campaign. There are no, and will never be any hidden fees.

Q5: What Are My Rights?

A: Please read the links below FULLY before our partnership together commences.

Terms of Service
Privacy Policy
Refund Policy

Some More Questions Perhaps?

Q6: Are There Any Hidden Costs?

A: No. None at all. You will be informed of all costs on your end BEFORE we start your campaign.

Q7: What About Customer Support?

A: For Customer Support, email us here:

We at Rob’s SEO Services value our clients. We appreciate the trust you have in our company and our services. Your concerns (if any) is our top priority. And we want to make sure that you receive only the fastest and most efficient customer support. That is why we have a dedicated team specifically in place for your convenience. As our team always do their best, we sometimes get bombarded with emails and phone calls. We appreciate your patience as we will get back to you within 24hrs from the time we have received your querie.

Q8: Why Should I Invest In Organic SEO As Opposed To PPC Or Any Other Form Of Paid Ads?

A: Great Question! Glad you asked! And much too delicate of a subject to explain in a few sentences here. This question deserves a clear, concise and in-depth answer. Much too much debate surrounds this question of whether PPC, Facebook or any paid ads are more profitable and cost effective for your business than organic SEO.

So, we put together a short video for you, explaining the difference in easy, plain English. And why organic SEO wins hands down each and every time. And more alarmingly, quite a lot of the ”clicks” on your PPC ads are BOTS, not even real humans.

Please check out our 90-second video. You’ll be so happy you did. It WILL save you THOUSANDS of dollars.

Q9: I’m A Little Confused. Are There Any Videos I Could Watch That Explains SEO Even Simpler?

A: YES! Most Certainly!

We at Rob’s SEO Services have compiled 5 short videos for you. We are certain you will a lot more clarification afterwards. The videos are only between 40 seconds to 90 seconds in length.

Q10: Can You Guarantee Me Top Spot Rankings?

A: Short answer, NO! Nobody on the planet can guarantee that. And if they do, my advice for you would be to run a mile in the opposite direction. As in life in general, there are no guarantees in SEO either. But what we do guarantee, we will rank you on page 1 of Google for your main keyword and continue to work on your site until that is achieved. And we have our 7-day money back guarantee also.

Q11: Would You Rank Two Businesses In The Same Niche From The Same Town?

A: No! This is not how we work and it is a very unethical way of working. Clients pay us top dollar to rank their sites and create more revenue for them, so for us to take on, lets say, two Dentists from the same area competing for the same keyword ”Dentist New York” would be extremely unprofessional and unethical work practice.

However, if one dentist wanted to be ranked for ”Best Dentures New York” and the other ”Paediatric Dentist New York”, then that’s a different case because one obviously specializes in adults (dentures) and the other Dentist specializes in children. In this rare case, then yes, we would take on two businesses from the same area in the same niche.

Q12: Do You Work With Any Business? Do I Automatically Qualify?

A: No. We do not. We choose who we work with very carefully. We mainly work with local businesses but are not limited to that market. We at Rob’s SEO Services have to right to refuse to work with any business at any given time. After payment is received, and after we have checked out your business and questionnaire (Discovery Form), we could, in any event, reimburse you your payment, if we fee we are not a good fit.

If you choose to fill out the Discovery Form first, we will check out your business in great detail, and depending on how you filled the form out, we could also choose not to work with you, if we feel that is best for both parties. Either way, you will be informed within 48hrs of either registering through PayPal or filling out the Discovery Form.

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